Of Honey And Health – 4 Fun Facts

1. It’s The Only Food That Can Sustain Human Life By Itself
Surprisingly, honey contains every vitamin and nutrient needed to sustain human life,honey facts including vitamins B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, certain amino acids and minerals calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc along with around 18% water. Granted, eating nothing but honey for any extended period of time and your mental health may not fair so well, but physically you’ll be just fine. It’s also cholesterol and fat free, and its sugars are slowly absorbed into the body, making honey a great addition to a balanced diet.
2. It Can Cure a Cold and Heal a Wound
Honey has been used in the tropics for centuries to treat wounds, and was even used as an antiseptic in World War I. In modern times, it’s even been proven to be effective on antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria where traditional solutions aren’t. Sebastian A.J. Zaat, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work from the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam says “Honey or isolated honey-derived components might be of great value for prevention and treatment of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” The research has been able to isolate the defensin-1 protein as the active ingredient, which is a part of the bee’s immune system that it adds to the honey. Good for you, bad for bacteria.
3. It Never Goes Bad
How does this help your health? Keeping some extra reserves around insures you’ll always have a supply of nutritional food should you ever need it. Put some away when you’re 20, and when you go looking for a late night snack 60 years later when you’re 80, that honey you put away will still be as fresh, tasty, and healthy as when you stored it! Archaeologists have even found edible honey in 2,000 year old egyptian tombs. How is this possible? The high concentration of sugars, the acidity, and some of the bees added enzymes kill any bacteria that come into contact with it. Since foods usually go bad because of bacterial or fungal activity, the elimination of that lets honey last forever as long as it is in a sealed container. If the honey ever crystalizes, simply heat it up to get it back to normal. So next time you notice an expiration date on the jar of honey in your cupboard, think of it as more of a suggestion, or a reason from the manufacturer for you to buy more.
4. It’s Rich in Antioxidants
When most people think antioxidant rich foods, they think berries. But honey is an often overlooked source full of disease fighting awesomeness. It’s antioxidant properties destroy biologically destructive chemical agents that contribute to diseases such as cancer. A little in your coffee as a sugar substitute can go along way. It’s why many cough drops and cold remedies contain honey. Research has also found that darker color honeys tend to contain more antioxidants than lighter color honeys. Not only do you get a great tasting natural food with honey, but you also get a better chance of staying healthy!

Introduction To The PenTest Guide Pentest – a definition

Wikipedia provides the following definition about “Penetration Testing” (an activity strictly related to the IT Security world also known with the shortest name of “PenTest”)

“A penetration test, occasionally PenTest, is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source, known as a Black Hat Hacker, or Cracker. The process involves an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that could result from poor or improper system configuration, both known and unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures. This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Any security issues that are found will be presented to the system owner, together with an assessment of their impact, and often with a proposal for mitigation or a technical solution. The intent of a penetration test is to determine the feasibility of an attack and the amount of business impact of a successful exploit, if discovered.”

PenTest are usually performed by very skilled professional in this fields who are hired by companies that need to ensure their systems are compliant to the best security practices.

PenTest are also very expensive services to buy and those very skilled professionals hired to perform these kind of activities are normally paid much more than other professional in the IT field (e.g. System Administrators, Web and Software Developer, DBA, etc.).

Why Another Web Site Talking About PenTest?

Despite the numerous documentation available on the internet regarding penetration testing methodologies we believe that what is really missing is a practical guide written by those very same professional that give some guidelines about how a penetration test should be performed.

Despite the richest amount of information contained in the various “free” manuals available on the web (e.g. the very famous OSSTMM ) what is really lacking today is an information source illustrating how the pen test is conducted in the real scenario.

One of the thing that is often overlooked by who is new in this market is that in a real scenario (e.g. a IT Security company selling a Pen Test to another organization) all the security activities need to be performed in a very limited time interval.

It is therefore necessary to follow a methodical approach in order to be sure to cover all the are of a penetration test assessment in the time scope assigned to the project, which often includes also writing a full report that represents the final deliverable of the activity.

The idea behind this website is then to provide our personal (and practical) approach to the PenTest activities focused on the following areas:

External PenTest

Internal PenTest

Web Application PenTest

WiFi Pentest
Our goal is to provide enough information for every of the above areas which could be useful to who is new in this market to start with the “right foot”.

We are confident that providing a methodology which is written basing on a real experience is beneficial for the market as this could lead to a discussion to improve to methodology itself.

We are also confident enough that due to the high technical level required to be a successful PenTest engineer, revealing a methodology cannot harmful to the Security market as the PenTest professionals will be always limited in number in respect to the other professionals covering the other areas.
We will start soon illustrating our approach to an External PenTest, so stay tuned!

Spectacle Repairs Are Best Done by Your Local Optician

With only a small glitch, it is not needed to buy new frames and then shell out a large amount of money. Most of the eyeglass repair usually tend to focus on just frame repair because that’s the part of the eyeglass that is easily damaged. The simplest method to get it fixed, is of course to consult an optician.

Nothing can make our day than getting that fuzzy spectacle repaired. Your personal optician might also be even more happy to scrutinize your frame, approximate the extent of damage, and lay out solutions. You should just be able to go right in, get your spectacles checked and fixed as quickly as possible. Simple adjustments like placing a new screw or other spare parts take no time at all.


A technician can possibly get your frames or sunglasses fixed for just a short period of time.
Sometimes opticians can undo the damage of your frames or sunglasses while you are waiting. You don’t have to send your spectacles by post to get them fixed. A professional technician can fix almost all types of broken frames – and save you from the unneeded expense of buying new frames! Opticians can also change the lenses for your spectacles or sunglasses.

Metal or plastic frames can easily be repairable. The brand or the kind of frame doesn’t matter at all. Common frame repairs include fixing the pads and arms, cords, joints, barrels and screws.

Any expert optician could also reconstruct acetate, stainless steel, titanium, horn, as well as wood. Most damages to frames are usually well-known to technicians and needed parts are usually bought in advance, or if it is not available it can be made especially for you.

Opticians who practically know their job by heart can do any of the following:
– Frame modification
– Reconstructing frames in need of repair
– Nose support reconstruction
– Changing temple tips
– Fastening and changing screws
– Spectacle lens reparation

Properly handling your spectacles and preventing it from getting broken is more commendable than just relying on repairs. Always use two hands when removing your glasses and store it in its case when you are not wearing it. Your glasses also need regular check-ups from the optician to make sure that there are no other deficiencies and problems, especially in the lens, which can cause eye strain or defective vision.

Before going to an optician for the first time, find out if:
– The optician is licensed
– Service is of good quality
– The shop is reliable
– The shop does not use substandard components
– If it’s not a wait-in job, it would still be completed fast – around 24-48 hours
– The lens they are using is of high quality

If you are planning to get a spectacle repair, try to look for a nearby optician. There will be no harm in trying to do so, because at least, you know that you are actually talking to somebody than just unwarily sending your request to a repair shop in the internet with no concrete credentials at all.

Most of the repair companies or eyeglass opticians deliver efficient and quick service – that’s why it is growing fast. Be sensible and give your eyeglass a new life by letting it be reconstructed instead of buying a new pair. This saves money, and in this recession day, this makes sense.

Panic Attack – Test Yourself and Find Out

If you think you may have suffered from a panic attack, a test to find out can be a good idea. This can be done a few ways. A simple method can be utilizing a point system. Each “yes” can be considered one point.

If you experienced any of these symptoms, either make a mental note or write “yes” for it.

Section 1:
Waves of overwhelming fear and panic

– A feeling of going crazy or losing control
The same thing as above for this part also. Section 2:
– Racing heart beat or chest pains
– Hyperventilation or trouble breathing
– Trembling
– Chills or hot flashes
– A feeling of complete doom


Now tally up the score and see how many points you have. Three or more points can point to the possibility of an attack. If you have any points from section one, along with two or more from section two, then there is a good chance it was a panic attack.

If no points in section one, but two or more from section two, then it may point to anxiety. High levels of anxiety can lead to panic attacks. If you notice high anxiety, consider finding ways to lower daily anxiety to avoid an attack.

When we have experienced the attacks for half of a year or longer, it can be called a panic disorder. A simple test such as this one may help to locate issues early before they get worse. This can provide a large advantage, as treating this condition can become more difficult as time goes by.